Svenja Petersohn

Service Area
Modeling & Meta-Analysis
Associate Research Consultant
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Svenja Petersohn is a Associate Research Consultant in the Modeling and Meta-Analysis team located in OPEN Health’s Rotterdam office, the Netherlands. She has experience in survival analysis, health economic modelling, uncertainty analysis and reimbursement dossiers. Svenja has therapeutic experience in the area of cardiovascular disease, oncology, ophthalmology, multiple sclerosis and others.

Prior to joining OPEN Health, Svenja worked as a PhD student and junior health economist at the Maastricht University Medical Centre+, where she was part of an Evidence Review Group for NICE and participated in the review of health-economic models and reimbursement dossiers. In January 2021, Svenja obtained her PhD from Maastricht University for her research on the economic evaluation of treatment for peripheral arterial disease. She further holds a BSc in European Public Health and a MSc in Health Sciences Research focused on HTA, both from Maastricht University. Svenja is currently a board member of the Dutch Association of young health economists (Young-NVTAG).