Sarah Criddle

Service Area
Strategic Market Access
Research Analyst
Bethesda, United States

Sarah Criddle, PharmD, is a Research Analyst in the Strategic Market Access Center of Excellence within OPEN Health. Her expertise includes drug information with a focus in medication safety and communications. Dr. Criddle has therapeutic experience in the following areas: endocrinology, psychology, infectious diseases, and oncology.

Prior to joining OPEN Health, Dr. Criddle was enrolled in the PharmD program at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). She worked as a licensed pharmacy technician until she was accepted into MUSC and became an intern. As a pharmacy intern, she took lead to initiate medication therapy management services and vaccination services within MUSC Family Medicine Pharmacy. While completing her advanced pharmacy practice experiences, Dr. Criddle enhanced her knowledge in hospital administration, health economics and outcomes research, diabetes education, and psychiatric treatment, and administered COVID-19 vaccines as an American Pharmacists Association (APhA) certified immunizer. Additionally, she co-authored a publication on the association between potentially inappropriate medications and hospitalizations in older adults. Dr. Criddle earned her PharmD degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in May of 2021.