Milad Karimi

Service Area
Patient-Centered Outcomes
Senior Scientist
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Milad Karimi is a Senior Scientist in the Patient-Centered Outcomes team, based in the Rotterdam office. Milad is specialized in health state utility and preference-elicitation projects. 

Milad has experience in multiple health utility assessment projects (e.g., EQ-5D utility assessment and Time-Trade-Off studies), payer assessment projects, and preference elicitation projects. He was previously responsible for implementation of a large international Discrete Choice Experiment study to measure preferences of patients, physicians, and other stakeholders, where the results were published in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal. Milad has previously written reports for the NICE Decision Support Unit and for the NHS specialised commissioning on decision making. He also has experience of health technology assessment submissions to NICE and SMC. Milad has worked with products in various disease areas such as mental health, renal disease, and oncology.

Milad holds an MSc in Health Economics Policy & Law from Erasmus University and a PhD in Health Economics & Decision Science from the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield.