Marjanne Piena

Service Area
Modeling & Meta-Analysis
Senior Research Consultant
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Marjanne is working as a Senior Research Consultant within the Modelling and Meta-Analysis Center of Excellence in the Rotterdam office, the Netherlands. Marjanne’s main expertise is in health economic modelling in many disease areas, including multiple sclerosis, hepatitis, oncology and orphan diseases. In addition, she is experienced in survival analysis and supporting reimbursement requests across Europe, and particularly in the Netherlands.

Marjanne has a special interest in projects in which she can combine both her clinical and technical background. She holds an MSc degree in Technical Medicine, obtained from the University of Twente (2015, The Netherlands). In her master’s she was involved in research projects and clinical practice, mainly at neurology departments. Marjanne also holds an MSc degree in Public Health, obtained from Umeå University (2013, Sweden). Her thesis concerned the cost-effectiveness of treatments for advanced Parkinson’s disease.