Marc Botteman

Service Area
Strategic Market Access; Real-World Evidence & Data Analytics; Modeling & Meta-Analysis
Managing Partner, Corporate Strategies
Bethesda, United States

Marc Botteman is co-founder and managing partner of Pharmerit. He is based in our Bethesda, MD office. He has nearly 25 years of strategic and tactical experience in planning and executing health economic, outcomes, strategic market access, payer and pricing research for global institutional and pharmaceutical sponsors. His expertise includes overall strategic and tactical planning for health economics and outcomes research, with subspecialties in modeling, real-world evaluations, and preference research. Marc has therapeutic experience in a wide range of areas, most notably oncology and rare diseases.

At Pharmerit, Marc has helped develop an exceptional team of leading scientists, clinicians, methodologists, strategists, pricing and reimbursement specialists and academicians who are delivering industry-leading services and innovative strategies in the field of health economics and outcomes research. He has authored over 100 full-length articles in peer-reviewed clinical and health economic journals as well as several hundred scientific presentations. He has also lectured on economic modeling methods for various organizations, such as ISPOR. Mr. Botteman holds Master’s degrees in economics from the University of Namur (Belgium) and in demography from Georgetown University.