Esra Cakar

Service Area
Modeling & Meta-Analysis
Associate Research Consultant
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Esra is an Associate Research Consultant in the Modeling and Meta-Analysis department in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She is responsible for cost-effectiveness and budget impact model development and adaptation, meta-analyses, survival analyses, pharmacoeconomic dossiers and literature reviews.

Before joining OPEN Health, Esra worked as a researcher at the Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management. As a researcher, she studied the complexity of care between academic, top-clinical and general hospitals. Furthermore, she conducted a cost-effectiveness analysis on Parent Child Intervention Therapy (PCIT-HOME), which is an evidence-based treatment for young children with behavioral problems.

Esra holds a bachelor degree in Health Policy and Management and a master degree in Health Economics, both obtained from Erasmus University. During her bachelor, she won a thesis award for her research on the application of multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA) in the Dutch drug reimbursement system. In this study, she used the MCDA framework to systematically compare the oncology drug nivolumab with other reimbursement eligible drugs based on their performance on multiple reimbursement criteria. For her master thesis, she developed a cost-effectiveness model for atezolizumab in third line non-small cell lung cancer patients in the Netherlands.