Emanuele Arca

Service Area
Strategic Market Access; Modeling & Meta-Analysis
Associate Research Consultant
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Emanuele is an Associate Research Consultant in the Strategic Market Access Center of Excellence based in OPEN Health’s Rotterdam office. His main expertise is conducting (systematic) literature reviews to inform network meta-analyses, global value dossiers and reimbursement dossiers. Moreover, Emanuele has experience in conducting stakeholder interviews and health policy impact evaluation.

His background is in European Public Health, he particularly focused on literature reviews in epidemiology and disease burden in EU countries and on EU functioning and policy-making in the field of healthcare. He has been involved in stakeholder analysis projects, where he conducted literature review and stakeholder interviews on the functioning of Public-Private-Partnerships in healthcare. Disease areas he has worked in include inflammatory disease, digestive conditions, oncology, and orphan diseases. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Health Economics, Policy and Law from Erasmus University in Rotterdam.