Barbara Potrata

Service Area
Patient-Centered Outcomes
Senior Scientist
PhD, MPhil, MA, BA
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Barbara is a Senior Scientist in the Patient-Centered Outcomes team in the Rotterdam office. She has substantial experience in applied qualitative health research gained while working in consulting and academia.

Her work includes many types of interviews and focus groups with the patients on their outcomes, preferences, (symptom) experiences, management and care pathways; evaluations of interventions, medicines, medical innovations and technology interactions (user studies); qualitative studies underpinning health economics projects; and interview studies and observational (ethnographic) implementation projects with healthcare professionals. She has worked in the fields of oncology, neurological diseases, metabolic conditions and cardio-vascular disease, ophthalmology, dentistry, pediatric research and complementary and alternative medicine. As a member and a Chair of Central Manchester Ethics Committee (UK), Barbara has a keen interest and experience in regulatory affairs. She is co-authored of a number of scientific articles and (systematic) reviews. Barbara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology (University of Ljubljana), Master’s degree in Sociology (Central European University, Poland) and doctorate in Social Anthropology (Cambridge University, UK).