Anuja Chatterjee

Service Area
Modeling & Meta-Analysis; Real-World Evidence & Data Analytics
Research Consultant
York, United Kingdom

Anuja is currently working as a Research Consultant in Modeling & Meta-Analysis team in York. She has worked on projects including data analysis using England’s hospital episode statistics database, decision tree model development, systematic literature reviews, clinician expert opinion elicitation, as well as supported cost effectiveness and budget impact model adaptations. She is familiar with a number of disease areas such as cardiovascular disease, ophthalmology, autoimmune disorders as well as cancer. She has worked with statistical packages such as R and STATA. Her daily work requires advanced working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, and basic working knowledge of Excel VBA.

Anuja has completed three years of PhD research in the field of antibiotic resistance based at the Department of Medicine in Imperial College London. During her PhD, Anuja was a visiting graduate student at Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health in Boston, where she interned as a teaching assistant for the Medical Decision Making course. Anuja was previously awarded a MSc. in Economics from University of York and a BSc. Honours in Economics from University of Leicester.