Angela Stroupe

Service Area
Patient-Centered Outcomes
Boston, United States

Angela Stroupe is a Scientist in the Patient-Centered Outcomes team in our Boston office. Angela’s expertise is in qualitative research and patient-reported outcomes.

Angela received her Master’s degree at Brandeis University in socio-cultural anthropology. Angela has over 4 years working in patient reported outcomes work for regulatory and HTA development at OPEN Health. Additionally, she has over 6 years working within a community-based setting interviewing and surveying research participants concerning their experiences with a variety of issues including health and quality of life. Angela has led projects involving cancer and rare disease, educating and evaluating public perceptions of pharmacogenomics and biobanking as well as patient and physicians’ experience, beliefs and knowledge of genetic tumor testing. She has a long history of working in medical oncology and cancer related community based research. In addition to her PRO and community based research work, Angela has taught several courses in anthropology and sociology including medical sociology and research methods within the greater Boston area. Angela received a Master’s degree in socio-cultural anthropology from Brandeis University in 2009 and her bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Middle Tennessee State University in 2007.