Patient Engagement in Health Technology Assessment – Practices and Principles for Europe & the United States Report Now Available

Pharmerit – an OPEN Health company has partnered with the Global Alliance for Patient Access on a new report about how patient engagement influences health technology assessment (HTA) decision-making in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Entitled Patient Engagement in Health Technology Assessment – Practices and Principles for Europe & the United States, the report argues that the full value of new medications and medical devices cannot be captured without taking end users’ input into account. Patient input allows assessments to incorporate the lived experiences of people with the disease treated by the medication or device being evaluated. Inviting patient engagement and feedback allows patient advocates to advise health technology organizations about the symptoms that most impact quality of life.

Although countries vary in how they approach making evidence-based decisions in HTA, more and more they recognize the importance of patient engagement. The report highlights the six countries’ relative strengths and weaknesses in incorporating patient input into HTA decision-making, assigning each country a letter grade based on its performance on this dimension. Additionally, the report explains:

  • Why understanding patients’ experiences and challenges when engaging with HTA across countries is crucial for working toward fruitful collaboration with other stakeholders in the field.
  • Why generating reliable HTAs requires that patients and patient groups not only be included, but that they also be properly equipped to engage with and make meaningful contributions to the process.
  • Why it is critical that reporting and analysis of how patient input informs HTA methodology, process, and final outcomes take place, for understanding this is critical for improving patient engagement, across both Europe and the United States, in the years to come.

Read the report here