Incorporating the Patient Voice into Scientific Research to Better Understand Their Needs

Our Patient-Centered Outcomes team captures the patient voice and engages with patients – whether that is part of the development of clinical outcomes assessments (COAs) such as patient-reported outcomes (PROs), through studies of patient preferences to understand the characteristics most important from a patient perspective, or to describe the patient’s journey through diagnosis and treatment to understand patients’ and caregivers’ unmet needs.

We have been at the forefront of the evolution of patient-centricity and have seen the positive impact of engaging patients throughout the product lifecycle. A patient-centric approach starts with patients participating in clinical trials and continues to patients becoming active bloggers to support marketed medicines as experts in their own condition.

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We will show how patient-centricity can be integrated into all phases of development and commercialization and show examples of how to achieve patient buy-in and ensure the patient voice is represented in your study outcomes.


Partnering for Improved Outcomes

  • PRO/COA Strategy and Instrument Selection
  • Patient-Focused Literature Reviews
  • Regulatory Support for PRO/COA Incorporation into Trials
  • PRO Dossiers
  • Development of Novel PRO/COA Instruments
  • Qualitative Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Patient Journey Studies
  • Within-Trial Exit Interviews
  • Psychometric Validation of PRO/COA Instruments
  • PRO Data Analysis
  • Q-TWiST Analyses
  • Preference Elicitation
  • Utilities Elicitation
  • Design and setup of registries collecting PROs
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Research partnerships with advocacy groups
  • Advisory boards and focus groups
  • Consulting on the patient engagement landscape
  • Patient emotional journey mapping
  • Research partnerships with advocacy groups
  • Patient writing
  • Market research
  • Behavior change
  • Digital development
  • User-certified design

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Our scientific and patient engagement experts are actively involved in the patient-centered outcomes field.  We have the experience needed to guide you to the right solutions and be a partner in patient-centered research.

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