Targeted Research for Thromboembolic Events

In this recent series of publications our Real-World Evidence and Data-Analytics team analyzed thromboembolic events and the burden of illness in VTE patients based on the PREFER in VTE registry.

Recent Hematology Publications

Real‐World Treatment Patterns and Outcomes in Non‐Transplant Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma in France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom

Authors: M Mohty, W Knauf, D Romanus, S Corman, K Verleger, Y Kwon, D Cherepanov, MJ Cambron-Mellott, HG Vikis, F Gonzalez, F Gavini, K Ramasamy

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Deep Vein Thrombosis in Europe – Burden of Illness in Relationship to Healthcare Resource Utilization and Return to Work

Authors: LH Chuang, B van Hout, AT Cohen, PD Gumbs, S Kroep, R Bauersachs, AK Gitt, M Montreal, SN Willich, G Agnelli

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The Impact of Co-Morbidity on the Disease Burden of VTE

Authors: S Kroep, LH Chuang, A Cohen, P Gumbs, B van Hout, M Monreal, SN Willich, A Gitt, R Bauersachs, G Angelli

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Deep Vein Thrombosis in Europe—Health-Related Quality of Life and Mortality

Authors: M Montreal, G Agnelli, LH Chuang, AT Cohen, PD Gumbs, R Bauersachs, P Mismetti, AK Gitt, S Kroep, SN Willich, B van Hout

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Multiple Myeloma