Targeted Research for Thromboembolic Events

In this recent series of publications our Real-World Evidence and Data-Analytics team analyzed thromboembolic events and the burden of illness in VTE patients based on the PREFER in VTE registry.

Recent Hematology Publications

Patient and Caregiver Preferences for Haemophilia A Treatments: A Discrete Choice Experiment

Authors: J Su, N Li, N Joshi, X Ng, M Botteman, R Shah, N Jain, N Lyn, R Preblick

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Real‐World Treatment Patterns and Outcomes in Non‐Transplant Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma in France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom

Authors: M Mohty, W Knauf, D Romanus, S Corman, K Verleger, Y Kwon, D Cherepanov, MJ Cambron-Mellott, HG Vikis, F Gonzalez, F Gavini, K Ramasamy

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Deep Vein Thrombosis in Europe – Burden of Illness in Relationship to Healthcare Resource Utilization and Return to Work

Authors: LH Chuang, B van Hout, AT Cohen, PD Gumbs, S Kroep, R Bauersachs, AK Gitt, M Montreal, SN Willich, G Agnelli

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The Impact of Co-Morbidity on the Disease Burden of VTE

Authors: S Kroep, LH Chuang, A Cohen, P Gumbs, B van Hout, M Monreal, SN Willich, A Gitt, R Bauersachs, G Angelli

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Deep Vein Thrombosis in Europe—Health-Related Quality of Life and Mortality

Authors: M Montreal, G Agnelli, LH Chuang, AT Cohen, PD Gumbs, R Bauersachs, P Mismetti, AK Gitt, S Kroep, SN Willich, B van Hout

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Multiple Myeloma
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