Global Team. World-Class Results.

Pharmerit was founded in 2000 to foster creative collaboration among researchers dedicated to uncovering and communicating the value of healthcare interventions. This spirit has continued to drive us as we expanded our presence across the United States (US), Europe, and Asia. Our innovation over the last 20 years has led to the completion of thousands of projects, hundreds of publications, methodological advances, and a tangible and lasting impact on the healthcare landscape and the fields of epidemiology, HEOR, and market access.

In 2019, Pharmerit joined the OPEN Health Group to create a new unique entity equipped to be a global leader in HEOR, market access, medical and patient brand communications and digital services. Together, we have grown to over 700 people in 15 offices across 6 different countries including the US, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, India, and China.

What makes us different is our deeply integrated teams working collaboratively to bring the strategic and technical expertise needed to be a solid partner to our sponsors. We combine this with our broad scope of therapeutic expertise to produce results and solutions that are of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on having a highly skilled, diverse, and connected team working across the globe to deliver truly innovative and best-in-class solutions. This has resulted in long-term, flexible partnerships that span many years across multiple brands and therapy areas.

Why choose Pharmerit and OPEN Health?

Scientific Creativity

We have led the evolution of HEOR  by developing and applying innovative solutions to new and old problems

Global Presence

With offices worldwide and colleagues from multicultural backgrounds, we bring a truly international perspective

Integrated Experience

Our multidisciplinary teams understand how to integrate the different facets of HEOR and market access

Scientific Excellence

Each Center of Excellence is dedicated to applying the highest scientific standards to our research

Customized Solutions

We approach each project as a unique challenge requiring a customized solution in the spirit of partnership

Dedicated Partner

We are a team of 250+ researchers dedicated to HEOR and strategic market access around the globe

Our Locations

We have locations in three continents allowing us to work alongside global clients from the United States and Europe to Asia

What We Do

Our multidisciplinary teams work across 4 Centers of Excellence to communicate a product’s value.

Modeling and Meta-Analysis

Modeling and Meta-Analysis

Developing tools to inform policy decision makers about the clinical and health economic consequences of health technologies.

Real-World Evidence and Data Analytics

Real-World Evidence and Data Analytics

Designing studies using data from patient medical records, insurance claims, and clinical trials.

Patient-Centered Outcomes

Patient-Centered Outcomes

Developing, refining, and analyzing outcomes, quantifying values, and optimizing study designs to highlight the patient voice.

Strategic Market Access

Strategic Market Access

Communicating evidence regarding unmet needs and the benefits and costs of treatment innovations to ensure market access.